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A slimming massage for body or for problematic areas of the body stimulate cells in natural way and helps to release resistant fat.  

Anti-cellulite body massage. Scientifically proven effectiveness. Visible results after 12 sessions: 5.2 cm waistline reduction, 67% cellulite smoothed, 71 % skin firmness.

LPG® massage is the only scientifically-proven painless technology with no side effects which naturally stimulates dormant cellular activity within our skin and reactivates fat burning process. At the beginning of the procedure we ask about client’s contraindications, as we need to know whether your health condition allows to perform LPG® procedures for you. Vacuum massages are not recommended if you have thrombosis, advanced infectious diseases, etc. Read more about this at D.U.K. column. Next step is to determine the client’s skin type, condition and analyse the desired results. We prepare an individual treatment program and recommend the most suitable LPG® cosmetics to solve the client’s problem. The cosmetics used during the procedures creates a 1.5 times greater effect comparing to the procedures without professional cosmetics. The first visible results are after just 3 sessions: 3.4 cm waistline reduction, up to 67% cellulite smoothed, up to 71 % skin firmness.

Visible results after 10 sessions

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50 €

1 procedure

Price of one procedure when you buy 12 procedure packages. All body procedures are performed with professional LPG® Endermologie cosmetics for the body.

52.3 €

1 procedure

Price of one procedure when you buy 9 procedure packages. All body procedures are performed with professional LPG® Endermologie cosmetics for the body.

55 €

1 procedure

Price of one procedure when you buy 6 procedure packages. All body procedures are performed with professional LPG® Endermologie cosmetics for the body.


70 min. (duration of procedure 40 min.)

1 procedure for the body with professional LPG® Endermologie cosmetics


Detox procedure

Detox massage boosts metabolism, helps to remove excess fluids, and eliminates toxins from the body.


Relax procedure

This procedure helps to relax tense and tired muscles, removes stress. It helps to recover effectively from an intense workout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cancer in progression

  • Infection or skin rash

  • Blood disease

  • Thrombosis

  • Heart diseases

  • Kidney failure

  • Hepatitis

  • Diabetes

  • Pregnancy

LPG® vacuum massages improve blood circulation, reduce under skin fat layer, tighten sagging skin, reduce swelling, smooth scars and stretch marks, and improve the structure of under skin tissue. It not only reduces the signs of external cellulite, but also treats the disease itself – inflammation of the under-skin layer.

Yes, certainly! Using professional LPG endermologie® cosmetics increases the efficiency of the treatment by as much as 50%! So, using cosmetics in 2 procedures you will achieve as much as you would achieve in 3 procedures without cosmetics.

We use original, made in France, and scientifically proven LPG® cosmetics. We have different lines for different purposes: rejuvenation, cellulite reduction or slimming line.

You don’t really need to bring anything. The clinic provides all the necessary equipment for the procedure. During the procedure, we give customers special LPG® Endermowear suits. If you are buying a procedure package, we recommend you purchase a personal suit at our clinic.


LPG® Systems is a leading naturally slimming and skin rejuvenating technology. Anti-cellulite massage is one of the main technologies of LPG Systems.

Cellulite is a chronic cell inflammation; it is the result of fat storage in the superficial skin layers which is naturally unavoidable. Women are much more likely to experience this problem: research shows that cellulite affects 85% of women over the age of 40. The American Academy of Dermatology describes cellulite as a way for a woman’s body to store the amount of fat needed during pregnancy or feeding. Cellulite becomes most visible when hormonal changes take place in the body. Cellulite is often hereditary; it is also affected by poor nutrition, sedentary work, low physical activity. The so-called ‘orange peel skin’ forms because of the cross-orientation of the connective tissue, and because of that fat accumulates in different irregular pieces. Simply put, cellulite is caused by water retention due to poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Cellulite can be divided into four categories. The first category: slight accumulation of fat on the inner side of the legs, on the buttocks and waist. The second category: cellulite is visible while sitting, and rubbing through the skin shows unevenness. When the skin resembles an orange peel when you are sitting and standing, and oily bumps are visible, we classify it to the third category. The fourth category: really uneven skin with many different size granular bumps. Treatment at this stage is rather complicated. Cellulite is most common on the buttocks and thighs, less common on the inner side of the knees, on the hips, abdomen, or under the arms.