The founder of an aesthetic clinic ‘Skinology’ tells how to achieve your dream job

This unique time in our world offers a great opportunity to rethink if you are not happy about your current job situation. The founder of an aesthetic clinic ‘Skinology’ Karolina Stankutė has experienced such rethinking, and now she advice how not to be afraid of making a radical career change.

First of all, take a fresh look at your current job or activity

The early life story of K. Stankute reminds of the lives of many young girls. After high school graduation, law and management studies at Mykolas Romeris University were chosen.

‘At that time, studying right after school was a natural thing. Soon I felt that these studies were not
for me. However, I did not want to be misunderstood by my family so I finished my studies and got a job according to the acquired education’, the aesthetics specialist tells in a press release the typical scenario of a young person.

The girl had worked in several banks, then she did a quick and successful career in her last job. Her career started at the bank customers service department, and pretty soon she became a personal banking manager for private bank customers. That’s how 7 years passed.

‘Although there were perfect conditions for improvement at that job, it was a real suffering to get up
ang go to work every day, I felt less and less motivated. First of all, I tried to find some new perspectives: maybe I can improve my skills, e.g. to improve my foreign language skills; maybe I could seek a new position in another department which would motivate me more; maybe I could
talk to my manager and offer a plan useful for the company, and get a bonus at the end of the year? For my colleagues, at least one of these ways eventually paid off, and I still felt: it is not my cup of tea. Me and my boyfriend started to go on vacation more often. I thought maybe I was just exhausted and that’s why it is difficult to get up in the morning and go to job? However, the positive mood after the holidays lasted only a few days, and after a while I returned to the same
prison of thoughts’, tells K. Stankute.

Thoughtful steps towards changes

However, her experience in the banking sector helped her to look rationally at her situation. ‘I understood I can’t take radical actions – I must be prepared for changes. Even if you want to dive into changes immediately, you must analyse your financial situation at first. Experts recommend to
have at least 6-month salary savings, which is not always realistic goal. On the other hand, before buying a new dress you should ask yourself, if you really need it’, says K. Stankute.

Another really important aspect, in a beauty field specialist opinion, is to prepare gradually for
starting a new career. If you want to stay in the same area, but, for instance, to start your own company or create your own brand, you should stay at your current job, and spend at least a few hours after work or on weekends for extra work, a strategic plan, creating an original approach,
finding contacts, and so on. If you want to start a new career in a new field, look for courses or studies that can be combined with your current job. Such approach will not only reduce stress about money, but will gradually lead to a logical rather than an emotion-based plan, and you’ll be
prepared for your new career path.

I honestly asked myself what I wanted to do in life and I understood – It was a beauty area job. I
dedicated more than a year for improving: I graduated from a massage school, where I learned to do a lymphatic drainage massage, an anti-cellulite massage and classical massages. Ant then I started to contemplate what could be my unique approach which will make me different from other

That’s how I discovered LPG treatment. This modern treatment is well known and popular in the world but rather new in our country. These procedures are naturally boosting the production of rejuvenating substances (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid) for firmer body and facial skin,
activating fat cells’ elimination process to reshape your figure, stimulating fluid exchanges for a deep detox effect. Then I realized I had found what I was looking for’, shares her story a perspective specialist.

Don’t get lost in the middle of changes

According to K. Stankute, perhaps all this sounds quite simple, but usually each step of change is accompanied by a fear or a challenge.

‘You need to believe in your idea every moment and listen to your inner voice to make the best decisions. I didn’t get a loan at that time. Luckily, I had support of my partner, he did investment in my future vision. So, I rented the business premises and bought one LPG device. And after all, I could easily give up my dreams or wait indefinitely’, openly shares the girl. It is also very important to consider a new business marketing, communication solutions so that the brand does not dissolve in the market.

‘From the very beginning, I knew that I would invest in website development, communication on Facebook and Instagram – such strategy helped me not only to find constant customers, but also to plan the development of the company. But the most important thing is not to be afraid of mistakes –
there must be some, because this is the only way to acquire experience’, she encourages other girls to pursuit their dreams.